Today's dental practice owner faces challenges in unifying the dental team and elevating communications to reduce conflict and increase profitability. Julie Taylor, owner of Optimal Dental Practice Solutions, LLC, believes we can each be the creator of our own experience. Her presentations provide the strategies and systems to maximize the team approach, where each team member thinks and communicates as a leader. Organizing teams, implementing systems, and achieving goals are part of the overall solutions she provides for increasing practice revenue and reducing stress.


Julie Taylor has over 25 years of extensive experience in managing dental practices which first began when she was hired to help a new dentist start up his own practice in her small hometown. They started out together as a 2-person team; she was assisting and running the front office while he was doing the hygiene and dentistry. After spending 16 years at her first practice, where she was fortunate to be coached by Linda Miles and Associates, Julie went on to work with several other start-up practices and mature practices as well. Julie is a life long learner who enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping others reach their full potential. The knowledge and skills gained through her hands-on experience have fueled her current success as a ‘dental office optimizer’.


Julie Taylor’s warm, caring nature contributes to her success as an effective trainer and coach. Julie is passionate about dentistry, providing optimal solutions to meet the individual needs of her clients. Whether you are looking to enhance your account receivable recovery, recall, scheduling, insurance, customer service or all of the above, Julie has the experience and know-how you need to optimize your practice.


Here are a few of Julie’s clients:

Dr. Richard Martzke, Grand Ledge                            Dr. Alexandra Jaquery, Ann Arbor

Dr. Kristina Palmer, Lansing                                       Dr. Jonathan Bechtel, Lansing

Dr. David Traynor, Dexter                                           Dr. Daniel Woodland, Lansing

Dr. Cynthia Liebelt, Coloma                                        Dr. Ryan Basler, Kalamazoo

Dr. Paul Rashid, Lansing 

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